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TES was established in the year 1991 by Dr. Naira Taymour. The mission of the school is to provide myriad opportunities to each child. The school believes that each child is unique and special and is blessed with immense potential...


“ 1. Offering each student a nurturing and supportive environment, which treats each student as a unique individual and challenges all students to excel academically and, at the same time, model the behaviors expected of responsible citizens of both the school and society.
2. Giving each student the opportunity to learn the value of and to become involved in Creative Arts, Athletics, and Technology.
3. Imparting each student with essential knowledge and skills, a joy of learning, and the intrinsic motivation to become a lifelong learner.
4. Developing a social climate in the school that models international understanding, community service, and the acceptance of and cooperation with the diverse cultures represented by the school's community.
5. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration between parents and the school so that all parents are actively involved in their children's education.
6. Continuing to assess our professional standards by maintaining our membership in organizations such as Cognia.
7. Focusing on building each student's self-esteem.
8. Ensuring that our faculty will apply current educational research and practices. The school's curriculum will be guided by a goal of thorough student mastery and achievement rather than merely covering content.
9. Developing a school community that believes in and acts upon these Principles.


“ Our vision is to continue to develop the whole child to thrive in a globally competitive age and enhance student achievement by providing a dynamic learnings community in a rigorous academic environment. “

Why your kid should join our school?

 We are committed to excellence in education

We are committed to excellence in education

Our vision is to serve as a premier school that is committed to a quality education for all students. We will be recognized as a world class leader in education by providing a state of the art learning environment. . .

where every student is given an opportunity to explore his or her interests and talents and is prepared to become a better analytical and critical thinker who is a well rounded, self-reliant, innovative, productive life-long learner equipped to compete in and add value to a global society;

where every teacher is highly qualified in his or her chosen field of expertise and possesses the passion, the proficiency and the professional commitment to guide students in reaching the highest academic standards;…
where every school leader is committed to educational collaboration, academic excellence and the progressive development of children;
where every parent commits to an active partnership that supports positive dialogue and empowers staff and students to succeed; and

where every school site is clean, safe and secure and provides an exciting, challenging, technologically advanced learning environment that is designed to deliver a comprehensive, creative and innovative curriculum.
It is our vision to make trends — not follow them.

We believe that the world of tomorrow depends on how well we educate, challenge and nurture our children today.
We pledge to promote the priority of education and the principles of integrity, positive self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline and respect for the diversity of others.
We commit to reduce the barriers that prevent our children from learning and to create family and community networks that will support their development.
We encourage families, citizens, community organizations, schools and government to partner with us in creating a safe and positive learning environment for children.

Learners today, leaders tomorrow.

Learners today, leaders tomorrow.

The modern economy demands a wide set of skills — including STEM knowledge, digital literacy, and strong leadership, problem-solving, and team-building abilities. Too many youth miss out on opportunities to build these skills in their classrooms and everyday life. That’s why TES focuses on developing a 21st century skill set. Students who complete our programs:
• Gain positive, healthy role models
• Participate in experiential learning programs that build skills that last a lifetime
• Are exposed to STEM in a fun and appealing way
• Develop the communication and leadership skills necessary for future success
• Are inspired and encouraged to attain further education in any field that interests them

We enter to learn, leave to achieve

We enter to learn, leave to achieve

TES offers a comprehensive and progressive program in preparing our students for the real world. Our low teacher-student ratio, small classes, and hands-on training are among the key features of our school. Our Teachers not only adhere to the International Curriculum in instruction, but whole-heartedly follow a holistic approach in teaching our students. At TES, our teachers do not ask our students what they want to be when they finish school, but rather what problems they want to solve in the real world. Our goal is to help develop a whole child with diverse skills and abilities.

Educating all students to achieve today and tomorrow in a global community and economy.

Educating all students to achieve today and tomorrow in a global community and economy.

The business of teaching and learning is at the heart of TES. We want all of our young people and teachers to enjoy their teaching and learning experience and to be in classrooms which are exciting, inspiring and challenging places where progress is rapid and sustained. Whatever the age or ability of students, we believe that they are entitled to imaginative and authoritative teaching of the highest quality which is planned and delivered according to their individual needs. We expect excellence from staff and students alike and work hard to ensure that this is a reality.

High-quality continuing professional development (CPD) programs are in place in our school, and these are planned and reviewed to respond to the particular requirements of each establishment and the staff who work here.

Best practice in teaching and learning is shared across the school, allowing the most effective innovations developed in one to be replicated elsewhere. Students benefit immensely from many shared activities which offer a wide breadth of experience to our young people.

Our school is committed to providing all-ability, comprehensive education to students of all faiths and none, to students from vulnerable families and to those with special educational needs. There is a range of student interventions and enhancement programs which aim to ensure that every student fulfils his or her true potential.

We expect our staff and students to prioritize the building of character, both as an end in itself and as a means to the achievement of academic excellence. Our ethos provides a backdrop to day-to-day life and provides the foundation for all that we do, encouraging high standards of behavior and creating a safe and secure environment where young people can thrive and feel valued, happy and confident.



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What they say about us!

see what teachers and students parents are saying about us.

It was an honor for me to be a graduate of TES; it was my second home, and I couldn’t have reached this success without the continuous support and dedication of all teachers and staff members thanks

Dr/Moussa Botros-Graduated
Senior 3 Student

Abdulla is my name, I am in the last year of the school, Taymour is always a safe environment for learning where friendship and knowledge can meet. It is a place where excellence and lifetime memories meet

Abdulla Mohamed-Senior 3 Student

Taymour English School is a place where students learn how to start strong in life. Students in Taymour English School share ideas and cooperate to help make the school a better place. In Taymour English School, teachers always seek to provide the best educational experience and support.

Abd Elrahman Ehsan-Student

One of the most important decisions that a parent has to take, is to choose a school that will provide their children with an educational experience that is holistic, academically challenging and adapted to meet the needs of children. Thus sowing the seeds of their onward success and academic achievement which will open doors to a lifetime happiness and continued success in life.

Soha Saad-Parent

My relationship with Taymour LS started years before my son joined the school. As a teacher trainer and academic consultant, I have been working closely with the school for literally around 20 years. The way the school has always been keen on developing its teaching strategies to make the student learning experience the best possible, never ceased to impress me. Accordingly, when I thought of a school for my son, I couldn’t find a better choice. My son is in grade 11 and the school has even exceeded my expectations. Thank you Taymour!!

Dr. Tamer Victor-Parent
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Anna Omran-Kindergarten Teacher

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