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February Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                

mysurgicalgroup has-pale-cyan-blue-background-color has-text-color has-background”>It is hard to believe it is already February!

buy has-text-color has-background”>We are still working on the liv 52 bodybuilding first part of our third quarter.

This primobolan week will be dedicated partly for assessing students’ work vigora 100 during this part of the quarter.

oral tren has-pale-cyan-blue-background-color has-text-color has-background”>We know we are late in distributing our second 1uarter progress report cards, as we were trying to catch up with supporting our transcripts androlic by standards explanations to show the level the students in the various report sections for grade 1 – 6.

A manual will be distributed to the parents/guardians as explanatory buying sustanon 250 reference for future use.

Please, make sure you keep the manual for the standard of English, Social, Science, & Math.

Students of grades 1 through 6 will be given scores of 4, 3, 2 & 1according to their performance in each section. Bodybuilding för nybörjare börjar idag komplement till bodybuilding «sport-maxe. This system will be applied as of Quarter three progress report cards.

Please note the following dates:

  • Thursday February 4th, Last day of school as we start our short winter break.
  • Sunday February 21st, we resume our remote schooling.
  • Third quarter ends Thursday March 25.
  • March 22nd – March 25th will be an evaluation week for the remaining part of quarter 3.
  • There will be a Cognia Reaccreditation visit March 20 – 25. Welcome to the team.
  •  Quarter 4 starts March 28.

We wish the best of luck to all of us and Happy Holidays.

Dr. Naira Taymour

Emergency meeting newsletter

Dear Parents,
There was an emergency meeting that was held today Saturday January 2nd ,2021 to discuss the latest resolution taken by the government in regards to the closing of schools due to the Covid pandemic. The attendees of this meeting were administrative staff, coordinators, teachers, parents and students.
We all agreed on what the administration and staff decided to shift the educational process to be totally online starting January 3rd, 2021 until February 4th , 2021 :
* Evaluating students will be done in the form of several Un notified pop quizzes kamagra kopen to be done online to ensure the transparency and integrity.
* Missing quizzes are not compromised.
* Medical reports from credible sources are only considered.
* A five day online schedule for students K-12 will be shortly on our site.
* January 3rd – January 6th will be devoted to evaluating the second quarter.
* January 10th will be the beginning of quarter 3 until February 4th, they will be assessed for this period before they start the mid-year break.
* Midyear break will be February 4th to February 20th, it will only be interrupted by a review of the Arabic and NS as they might have the exam immediately after the break.
* As from February 21 till March 20th they will resume the third quarter.
Evaluation of the third quarter will be from March 21-March 25.
* Our 4th quarter starts March 28 until May 30th and will be interrupted by the 4 day Bairam vacation.
The 4th quarter evaluations will be from May 31st to June 3rd.
* Quarter exams are counted by taking the average of the multiple quizzes and projects done all through the quarter.
Thank you for your consideration and help.
Dr. Naira Taymour

December Newsletter

Dear Parents/ Guardians and Students,
I would like to thank each and every one of you students, Parents, teachers and community members for all your support during these challenging times. We are very fortunate to live in a caring community that comes close to each other during crisis.
However, as we move forward with the hybrid learning this quarter too, we cannot stress enough the importance of the students engagement in both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Course content is progressing and it is imperative for students to keep up with their school work.
Parents, be sure to periodically check your child ‘s progress and do please check their temperature before coming to school, you are also kindly asked to keep them home if they are feeling even slightly unwell.
Kindly please provide the student with an extra one or two masks in addition to the one he/ she is wearing.
I am also reminding you of the online school policy, students should not be in pajamas, have the cameras open at all times and staying in a room by themselves, not being helped during quizzes and class works.
Our teachers are going to schedule a zoom meeting with their class parents, in order to check with you the student progress at school.
Graded class works and quizzes are to be physically done at school, for those opting to keep their children home, please have the student come to school accompanied by his parent we will allow her/him do the test in a room by himself and will be picked up by his parent immediately after that (in 30 min maximum), we will not allow graded tests to be done virtually.
Due to the busy nature of this year, sometimes schedules and added responsibilities can cause stress. We continue to work on ways to make your school year simple and special.
During this season we would like to

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say thank you to:
* Parents who diligently check their child’s HW, without interfering to correct mistakes (that is the teacher‘s
* Parents spending quality time being seated beside their children at home.
* All teachers who give countless hours to make TES a better place for their students.
* All those who are committed to give their best to your children everyday such as: bus drivers, bus attendants, school nurse, secretaries, teachers and members of the school board.
* We always welcome and appreciate your support in all the endeavors we take.
Hopefully, years from now, I hope we will all remember the wonderful times spent together during this crisis.
Finally, on behalf of the TES staff and administration;
Have a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Dr. Naira Taymour

November Newsletter

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff it the Taymour English School
Happy November, a month where many of us focus on being thankful and take the time to show our gratitude to the people surrounding us, and be thankful to the things we have. We have to show our gratitude to the simplest things we do every day.
Gratitude, is what prompts us to do things for the needy, it prompts us to remind our beloved ones how important they are and mean to us.
It is so good to see our students actively involved in school activities, and competitive sports and challenges.
I must thank our staff, faculty, guidance advisors for going above and beyond the call of an educator to ensure the Academic, Social and Spiritual development of our students.
I also thank our parents for their unwavering support and understanding.
We continue to follow all Covid-19 protocol established in our return to school plan.
To date, we have no known on campus exposures resulting in a positive test, nor have we had any campus outbreaks. We have worked hard to help eliminating any spread of this virus on campus. We are thankful to our community for abiding by the policies and following our guidelines.
While we navigate through this pandemic, please understand that some things are within our control, but many things are not;
We will always do what is in the best interest of the Taymour school and will always make responsible decisions.
Dear Parents, I value your efforts together with our dedicated staff in helping our students throughout this critical time.
I am also grateful and proud of our IT department, as designing a working schedule in such a situation was and is a challenging task. Our IT department was and is working 24/7 to create all online channels that can help the students and the teaching environment.
Wow, Wow, how time flies, the first quarter is nearly over !
Here are some dates and hints to be remembered:

* That is a reminder to check your daughter/ son backpack, to make sure they are carrying more than one mask, a personal detergent and a packet of wet wipes.

* October 28, students G1 through G5 celebrated Halloween each in his class without tricks or treats.

* There is no final quarter exam but the scores are cumulative all through the quarter.

* First quarter ends November 11.

* Second quarter starts November 14.

* Final quizzes might be given online or at school during physical attendance.

Happy Halloween !!
Happy Thanksgiving !
I am grateful to our students, our dedicated staff and faculty, and to our community for making Taymour English School a great place to be.


Dr. Naira Taymour

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Welcome to our school

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Open register for 2021-2022

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