Taymour Parents Top Tips

Welcome to Taymour. The information in this Top Tips for Parents is intended to assist new families in making a successful transition to Taymour School. I encourage you to review each item on this listing, noting particularly the time references since many of these matters are finalized during July and August.

At this time you are encouraged to discuss these matters with other Taymour families, and even call us in the Business Office if we can assist you. Bus information is forwarded the first week in September; it is at that point that our data base is converted and we are able to produce upon request and as needed neighborhood maps.

Top Tips for Parents

  1. Communicating at Taymour: With the fast pace of life at Taymour, the degree of change and growth requires effective communication and adaptability by all parties. Parents are always welcome to communicate with faculty and staff regarding their student(s). Policies of the school are articulated with care. The school’s Web site contains extensive information and is continuously updated. The site is being used increasingly as a medium for parent and school communication and is also used by faculty to communicate with students.

  2. Change of Address/Phone/E-mail: There are frequent mailings and e-mail communications from the headmaster and each of the school directors. Each year’s updated information is taken from corrections/changes made on the Application Form. If the information on that form changes, report any change of address/phone/e-mail immediately to the administration office.

  3. Textbooks, etc.: In the national system: All required texts are provided to students and are included in the tuition. In the american system : The average cost for texts is 1500 L.E./ year, if the books are returned to the school at the end of the year in a 100% condition, 750 L.E. is returned to the parent. Contact the administration office with any questions.

  4. Parking on Campus:  It is very important to respect all assigned (especially faculty/staff spaces) and visitor parking spaces. Visitor parking spaces are in the main parking lot, in front of the school main gate.

  5. Bus Services: Bus service was expanded last year and includes all Alexandria. Information about the bus services will be communicated to families in September. Please contact the administration office if you have questions regarding bus services.

  6. Parent/Teacher Conferences: Individual conferences are during the break time of the student and should be predetermined with the administration office. Parents are encouraged to attend to take advantage of this opportunity for personal communication with teachers about your child(ren)’s progress. All conferences are by appointment only and are scheduled in the order received. Every effort is made to honor requests for specific days or times of days