School Policy

An outline of the school policy:

- A policy based on integrating the systems of the top international and languages schools.
- Laying a foundation for the schools policy for each school year.
- The school policy lasts for 20 years; which is the duration of school years begining from Kindergarten (K.G.) to the end of the secondary stage.
- We predict the problem before it occurs and find the solutions; so problems rarely occur.

The bases foundation of the school policy:

- The careful selection of teachers through conducting ( Interviews – tests ) ; and according to their qualification and linguistic level.
- The on-going training and continuous follow-up.
- The noble and refined way of dealing with the children.
- From the very beginning, children's love for the school and their teachers.
- Creating a joyful, calm and clear atmosphere in the school through which a strong link between the child and the school can easily be established.
- Promoting the religious and moral aspects and spreading the value of the loyalty to the school and the country.
- Paying great attention to the educational aspects and to justice in treatment and scoring.
- Developing the child's personality and encouraging him/her to participate in the activities.
- Presenting good models and examples by making sure that all the team work in the school behave in an ideal way.
- Every child feels his own importance and has a great self-esteem.
- Keeping and maintaining a high standard of learning and developing the ethical values.
- The prefect punctuality of all the team work.
- The complete punctuality of students from the first day and up to the examinations; from baby class (pre-kindergarten) up to the upper grades.
- Paying great attention to activities and attempting to get all the children involved as much as every child can.
- The full accuracy in the evaluation, process and scoring.
- Applying the educational technology (The computer lab / the Internet connection / high technology room).
- For the use of mobile technology such as mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs etc. The development of mobile phones and other mobile digital technology into multi-function mobile devices which can be both useful and essential to young people requires a policy that both enables their appropriate use but also protects staff and pupils from inappropriate use, or use which hinders teaching and learning.
- The school operates under the Ministry of Education and as such it adheres to all the rules and regulations laid down by the ministry. Therefore smoking; the use of alcohol and illegal drugs is strictly forbidden and pupils found in breach of these regulations will be dealt with in the severest manner.