Prepare your child to the first day at school

This may be your child's first prolonged separation from parents or caregivers and most, though not all, are thrilled to be in "real school." Still, there will be a period of adjustment, since your child will be spending the day in an unfamiliar building with teachers and kids he's never met before.
Even children who are used to being away from parents in preschool will require time to transition to this new setting. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is growing up! Feel good inside that your child will be just fine and by the end of October, they will never even think about what life was like before Kindergarten.

Here are some tips for Back to School for Young Children:

? Start getting your children into routine NOW, the week before school.

? Have your children practice opening and closing lunch containers and bags.

? Think about your system for after school (e.g. where will they put their bag, their lunch, their school work, important notes etc.)

? Label everything

? For younger children, pick out an older outfit that you can send to school as their “back up outfit”.

? Have your child practice getting dressed for school from head to toe. This includes clothing, outerwear, shoes and backpack.
? Pack a faux back to school lunch and sit with your child while they unload their lunch bag, open the containers (CLOSE the containers) and zip it all back up. They may need a few tips to help them with this.

? Walk your child through their backpack. Practice opening and closing all zippers and pockets. Talk to them about what each section is for (e.g. where to put their lunch, water bottle, school work etc.).

? Talk to them about remembering to tell the teacher when they feel they need to use the bathroom AND if they have an accident, remind them how important it is to tell their teacher

? Set up a home routine when your child gets back from school ( eg they unpack their lunchboxes and bring it to the kitchen)
? Start phasing out nap time if possible

? Try to limit your child's after school activities specially at first weeks (the week end is a different story)

? Create a tradition for the first day of school like baking certain kinds of cookies for breakfast ,taking photos of the uniform and the backpack take a photo of the young hero when he get dressed before heading to school ( make an album for the yearly pictures he will enjoy and appreciate later on)
IF your child is one of those few that has a particular difficult time parting from you. As much as you can (and this isn’t easy ), trust your Kindergarten teacher! Follow their lead and trust them.

They have likely done this a time or two. Your child, if they are crying or freaking out about leaving you, will cry and freak out whether you are there or not (more than likely) ?? so follow the teacher’s lead. Your child will be safe and they will calm down, often within minutes of settling into the classroom.

Remember, it makes it a far more difficult transition for both of you if you linger on. They will begin to expect this every day and it will become an ongoing battle. Encourage your child as much as you can to enter the classroom without you.
If they know that you are going to come in for a few minutes or if they know that you promised to stay in the playground for a few minutes, that provides your child enough of an “out” as soon as they feel that tiny bit overwhelmed.

Reassure your child about when and where you will see them again. Better yet, show them exactly where you will be waiting for them when school is finished Give your child a tiny memento that is special that they can keep in their backpack to know that you are thinking of them.
Explain to them how important this little something is and that you want it to stay in their backpack to be safe, but it is there to remind them of how much you love them and that you will see them at the end of the school day.

Pack an encouraging note or a sticker or something special in their snack/lunch bag that will make them smile.

At the end of the day, you are the parent and YOU know your child best. Regardless of the situation, they will transition into Kindergarten ?? maybe the first day and they won’t look back or maybe a couple of weeks in, but they will do it! Every child is different

parents should remember that it’s their child’s first official schooling experience, and that it’s important for parents and teachers to work together to make kindergarten a successful experience for each child. “The most genuine thing I tell parents is that the amount of progress ?? physically, socially, academically, emotionally ?? that their child will make throughout the school year is truly a special experience to watch unfold

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