Monthly Message

From the School Dean

Welcome to the review team Our vision is to continue to develop the whole child to thrive in a globally competitive age and enhance student achievement by providing a dynamic learning community in a rigorous academic environment.

* Students with the help of Mrs Reem and their teachers, added quotes of famous scientists, writers and philosophers as Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Naguib Mahfouz, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther King jr and Tyler Durden. *Students also added some biographies for Naguib Mahfouz the Egyptian writer who won the Nobel Prize, Egyptian scientist Dr. Ahmed Zeweil who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, Sir Magdy Yacoub the famous cardiologist, Batros Boutros Ghali the sixth Egyptian United Nations Secretary General, Tawfik Alhakeem the Egyptian founder of contemporary drama.

*The school also started tutorial classes with the help of the G12 students helping the younger grades with Math and English.

• The school went on a trip to the library and participated in the slow med program to increase student's awareness of the healthy Mediterranean diet.
• Taymour School also participated in the young people Anglophone competition folklore fiesta that was held February 28 at the Bibliotheca Alexandria, The school won first prize, The school has been participating in this competition for the last 6 years & won several awards. A third event that took place is the implementation of the standardized Toefl test that took place this week for the upper junior grades 3-6. As for grades 7&8 the test took place Feb 23.

These tests not only measure information, but can change how students access information.
Studies show that the best way to remember information, are tests and quizzes, after which teacher give immediate feedback. Let us help our students succeed, let us motivate them, let us provide extracurricular activities that engaged them and create relatedness.

*Our Motto is motivation with its4 key components: Competence, autonomy/ control, interest/value & relatedness. Let each quarter end up better than the previous.