History of T.E.S.

Taymour English School was originally situated in the center of the uptown of Alexandria in a District called Roushdy in a historical two story residential building.
That building used to be the Taymour’s family home for years ago, it is the place where they were raised and brought up. After Mrs. Taymour had passed away, her children had decided not to give up their family home for sale, but instead they planned a preschool called “Disney Home” to be opened in it, thus keeping the house and strengthening the family connections among them.
Disney Home was launched in 1991, followed by the opening of Taymour English School in 1994.

Ten years later, a new campus was purchased in Abis, in 2004, accommodating the students of the American Division and more of the National System, including twenty two classes for the American Division and the same for National System. It includes a theater, a gymnasium, basketball courts, football courts, tennis table, volleyball, libraries, computer rooms, horseback riding and art rooms. These first class facilities have been much anticipated and will enhance the school environment for students, staff, parents and caregivers.