American System

What are the advantages of an American education for my child?

While the central focus of an American education is a rigorous academic program, it also aims to develop and educate the whole child. An American system takes into consideration that all children do not learn in the same way or at the same pace. The teachers are actively engaged in addressing the variety of learning styles that are in their classes. In addition, the American system of education seeks to achieve a balance among the intellectual, social and personal differences of each child in order to help him/ her realize their full potential.

What is the difference in the educational philosophy of both National and American Systems?

It is the belief of the American system that all children can learn and at the highest level. The American system does not believe in sorting out children at an early age selecting some for university studies and others for less. The focus of the American system is on the development of the whole child both as a student and an individual. The system relies on critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and initiative as the academic cornerstones of the program.

Is it true that the American system is not as strong as the National system and does not meet the needs of academically strong students ?

The National system is more common in Egypt because of the history of a National presence here and its influence on some of the Egyptian institutions. It is a system that is more familiar to people who have lived in Egypt. Some of the comments regarding the strength of the systems are not based on facts. The American system meets the needs of all students and provides a challenging curriculum that enables students to enter any university of their choice. Our students successfully compete with any students in the world. All of our alumni are presently enrolled in the top universities either in the United States, Canada, Europe or Egypt. The academic program is supported by state-of-the-art technology and resources. T.E.S. offers an extracurricular program that provides our students an opportunity to compete at both the local and international levels. Music, art, drama, and more are also available to interested students. All of this programming is housed in one of the most modern private International school facilities in Egypt.

When is the best time to transfer my child to an American system?

T.E.S. American system has a highly trained and experienced group of administrators, counselor, faculty and support staff to meet the needs of any child at any level whenever they arrive at T.E.S. You should consider transferring your child at any time if you are not satisfied with the instruction he / she is receiving. There are times when it is easier to transfer. For example, when a child is finishing elementary and entering middle school or when a child has finished middle school and is entering high school. Younger children usually adjust easily to transfer from one school to another. .

Will T.E.S. middle school students be able to have a choice of the IGSCE, or National syatem?

T.E.S. American Syatem provides those education programs and experiences that will enable NAC students to attend the university or college of their choice regardless of the university or college's location in the world. The school's facilities are fantastic with incredible resources.

What is the relationship between the facilities and my child education?

Facilities that support the educational mission and values of the school are critically important in the education process. Students learn best when they are in an environment that is clean, welcoming and supportive. In addition, outstanding facilities that provide opportunities for children and young adults to participate in a wide-range of activities outside the regular classroom enhance the development of the whole child.

What is the maximum group size for American division classes?

The maximum group size for American division classes about 20-25 students