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All About The School

Taymour English School was founded in 1991 by Naira Taymour and her family. The school has two locations, one in the Roushdy district, The second location, is in Abees,

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Why You Should Study With Us

T.E.S. provides English language and professional skills training, educational advising, and testing services to hundreds of thousands of students for both systems

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Education And Student Experience

American education aims to develop and educate the whole child. An American system takes into consideration that all children do not learn in the same way or at the same pace

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Super Academic Services

T.E.S. provides a lot of super academic services like smart screens, Technokids programs, Three fully-equipped computer labs including network and internet access

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Our Dean & Staff

We work with experienced, knowledgeable and talented tutors to ensure an incredibly personal and high quality experience.

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Tayomur Language School

  • Dr. Naira Taymour "The Dean"

    Taymour English School was founded in 1991 by Naira Taymour and her family. The school has two locations, one in the Roushdy district, which is one of the most sophisticated, quiet locations in Alexandria, a central location to several districts making it a walking...More

  • All about SAT

    The College Board is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity.
    Each year, the College Board helps more than seven million students...More

  • How to Prepare Your Child For Preschool

    This may be your child's first prolonged separation from parents or caregivers and most, though not all, are thrilled to be in "real school." Still, there will be a period of adjustment, since your child will be spending the day ...More

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